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All About Building Business is a business exchange and referral service that was founded by Angela Agnew - Brazell.  After spending many years in the business to business community, selling advertising to various types of businesses, Angela discovered that there was an unmet need in this market segment for direct business to business and consumer advertising. Angela's  sole purpose is helping business "invest in their nest".  As AABB  began to look at this business model, we grew and developed a core mission.

All About Black Business will be a vehicle to promote and feature African American Owned business, organizations, people, and non African American owned business who cater to residents on the Treasure Coast, Okeechobee and the surrounding areas.


Our business model also allows events that are tailored to African American culture to have an outlet to promote.  People who are new to area, will have a hub to research information that is pertinent to their community.   In addition, non-African American own business who wish to target the African American Dollar will have the exposure necessary to market their services and goods on the website as well.  We will also offer website design and hosting, marketing/media assistance, graphic assistance, and business consulting thus introducing:


Outlet for African American Business owners to reach the market

Outlet for African American consumers to reach the business owners

Outlet for the African American community to share information/events

Angela Agnew-Brazell

Angela Agnew-Brazell has been the consumate sales executive for years and has developed a reputation here on the Treasure Coast as a dedicated and hard working sales professional.  Angela's vision for AABB is to provide all businesses the means to take their organization to the next level. 

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